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About Us / History

About Us / History

In July of 2004, myself and six friends climbed Mt. Shasta located in northern California for the first time.  On the way back down I began to jog and slide down the snow in my hiking boots.  All 7 of us jog-slid the rest of the way down the mountain.  It was fun and we thought that if there was some sort of small ski that could be attached to the bottom of a hiking boot this would be really fun!  We began talking about designing a small attachable ski or a boot with a ski permanently attached to the bottom of the boot.  We did a fairly extensive internet search and found no evidence of such a product initially so we thought we were going to be the pioneers of a new product and sport!  Well, a few days later I stumbled on to, at first to my disappointment.  We had been beaten to the punch...  But after discussing distributorship opportunities with the folks from Norway, Sleddogs USA was born.  We are excited to be a part of a great sport!  Hope you enjoy them like we have so far. 
Happy Snowskating!
Ernie Freer
Sleddogs USA

Mt. Shasta
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